Voters Nationwide To Decide On Billions For Conservation

The Associated Press

Billions of dollars for protecting land and water are at stake on Election Day, with dozens of measures on state, county, and city ballots to fund conservation. The Associated Press covered the story on October 30, in an article picked up by newspapers and television stations around the country:

Voters across the nation are deciding whether to set aside billions of dollars for parks and preservation in what some environmentalists are calling one of the most significant elections for land conservation in American history.

Pollsters say it’s one of the few places on Tuesday’s ballots where voters of all kinds can find common ground.

The most money at stake is in Florida, California and New Jersey.

“These are highly developed and dense states, and they are watching the good natural places disappear,” said Will Rogers, president and CEO of the Trust for Public Land, which tracks and raises money for the ballot measures. “People know if they don’t step up and protect it, it will be gone.”

Nationwide, it adds up to more than $15.7 billion overall in taxes and bonds for land and water conservation, the most in a quarter-century of elections, according to the trust’s data, which was independently verified by The Associated Press.

The Trust for Public Land Action Fund is sponsoring more than a dozen of ballot measure campaigns, including a statewide constitutional amendment in New Jersey, and local measures from New Bedford, Massachusetts to Bernalillo County, New Mexico, to Los Angeles County.