Florida Voters Pass Record-breaking Conservation Measure

In an historic vote, Florida voters approved Amendment 1, a constitutional amendment dedicating $18 billion over the next 20 years to conserving, managing, and restoring land and water. It is the largest state ballot conservation funding measure ever.

“This should send a clear message to the governor and legislature that Florida voters overwhelmingly support increased state funding for water and land conservation, management, and restoration,” said Will Abberger, campaign manager of “Yes on 1.” Abberger temporarily stepped down as director of The Trust for Public Land’s Conservation Finance program to manage the campaign. The Trust for Public Land and The Trust for Public Land Action Fund were major supporters of the measure.

The campaign credited the success of the measure to the huge outpouring of support by citizens as well as more than 400 diverse nonprofit and civic organizations and businesses. Nearly a million voters signed petitions to place the amendment on the ballot, more than 4,500 individuals made contributions, and 50,000 people signed up to get involved in the campaign. The amendment received the editorial endorsement of nearly every major newspaper in the state and was endorsed by more than 50 respected elected officials at every level of government, Republican and Democrat alike.

Photo by Gregory Clay.