Campaign Services

The Trust for Public Land Action Fund is dedicated to a single goal: passing non-partisan ballot measures and legislation that provide funding to preserve America’s land, water, wildlife, farms, and historic sites and to protect, restore, and create parks, trails, and outdoor open space.

We offer the following campaign services for ballot measures and legislative advocacy:

Ballot measure campaigns

The Trust for Public Land Action Fund provide the following campaign services to help pass state, county, city, town, or special district ballot measures to fund land conservation and parks.

Strategy. We advise campaigns on shaping an effective message, identifying which voters to reach, and determining the best ways to reach them.

Polling, media and voter communications. We work with a national network of expert consultants in public opinion research, traditional and online media, and direct mail.

Coalition-building. We help marshal broad support from a wide range of organizations, including conservation, civic, parks, sporting, and business groups.

Fundraising. We jump-start fundraising and help campaigns identify and reach out to potential donors.

Legislative campaigns

The Trust for Public Land Action Fund supports legislative advocacy for budget appropriations, new funding programs, enabling legislation, and the referral of measures to the ballot.

Legislative strategy. We hire lobbyists and help campaigns develop a plan to achieve their legislative goals.

Government relations and campaign expertise. We employ respected advocacy, grassroots organizing, and media experts.