6/Voter Contact

Campaigns are about communicating directly with voters. That is where the majority of your budget should be spent, not in hiring staff. Generally no more than 12% of your budget should be spent on staff and administrative expenses.

There are two types of outreach: 

Targeted (or “retail”) outreach is directed at specific registered voters. Focusing communications to LIKELY voters — people who reliably turn out to the polls — is the most strategic approach. (For a refresher on vote goals, go to Setting Your Vote Goal.)

Direct mail

Personal communications: canvassing and phone banks

General (or “wholesale”) outreach is important to maintain a buzz around your campaign and inform the public. But with this type of outreach you are never sure whether your message is getting across to the people who actually step into the ballot box and vote on your measure. It should always be accompanied by targeted voter outreach.

Grassroots outreach:  voter pamphlets, public presentations, communication through your supporters, fliers and brochures, and yard signs

Media coverage: “earned” coverage and paid advertisements

Internet resources


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